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Frequently Asked Questions


Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How do I become a Licensed Real Estate Associate?

A. Every state has different licensing requirements. Requirements may include: minimum age, high school diploma or equivalent, completion of licensing course given by a state approved school and passing a state licensing examination. Arrange to meet with a real estate broker to get an overview of the real estate profession and licensing requirements. The broker will be able to assist you in finding an accredited real estate pre-licensing school. The broker will also give you an understanding of what comes next after you obtain your license. Successful brokers design post licensing career programs to fast track successful careers.

Q. What are the start up costs?

A. The costs of starting your real estate career will include: licensing course, license exam, license fee, board, association, and multiple listing service fees and dues, and errors and omissions insurance. You will also want to set up a business plan that takes into account personal expenses, career development and promotion. You will be an independent contractor. Wise investment in your business will enhance your profitability. Ask a pro. Arrange to meet with a successful real estate broker to learn how you can launch a successful real estate career.

Q. What happens after I get my license?

A. Once you pass your exam, you will need to activate your license and affiliate with a broker. There are various brokerage models, post licensing career development programs, and compensation plans. Start interviewing brokers early. Take the time to find out what a brokerage has to offer you. Remember you are taking the first steps to form a business partnership. The interview runs both ways. Be prepared to discuss your personal attributes, goals and expectations.

Q. What is post licensing training?

A. A successful career in real estate begins with proper training. Successful brokers provide comprehensive programs that cover every aspect of career development. AMERICAN REAL ESTATE'S Career Development Program offers core classes on business development and planning; pricing; marketing, negotiating skills; contract management from acceptance to closing; law; financing and technology. Comprehensive and effective field training modules are integrated into the program. Continuous advanced courses and skills training keep A.R.E. agents ahead of the competition. AMERICAN REAL ESTATE is committed to providing the best education and support to ensure a successful real estate career.

Q. Is continuing education required?

A. Yes, Lawton, Oklahoma, and  Continuing Education Requirements are each different. Failure to complete continuing education could result in loss of the License. AMERICAN REAL ESTATE provides continuing education classes for their associates.

Q. How will I be paid?

A. Compensation varies from broker to broker. Compensation is generally commission based. Commissions are split between the associate and broker and can be based on factors such as who is responsible for expenses and production levels. Some brokers offer graduated splits. Some offer traditional splits and bonus programs. Some offer the "100%" concept where the associate may pay expenses, rent, desk fees and transaction fees. American Real Estate offers a menu of compensation plans allowing associates to choose a program that is most profitable for them.

Q. Can a license have an inactive status?

A. Yes. A license can be placed in escrow with the state. Only active licensees can earn fees. Another option may be to place an active license in a referral company such as A.R.E, and earn referral fees.

The Expertise of a AMERICAN REAL ESTATE Sales Associate always provides valuable assistance. For more information, please contact American Real Estate.


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