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12 Steps to a Faster Sale

A well maintained home attracts more potential buyers. When placing your house on the market, you want to strive for a positive first impression. It's not difficult, it doesn't have to be expensive, and it could add significantly to your profit. We have developed some helpful pointers to prepare your home for sale so that every first impression is an opportunity to sell.

  1. Make sure your lawn is freshly cut; bushes are pruned; and planting areas are weeded. For inexpensive color, add a row of annuals along the walkway.
  2. A well-maintained roof is a strong selling point. If you have any broken or missing shingles, replace them. Clean out gutters and downspouts and wash their exteriors. You may want to consider replacing old or severely damaged roofs, gutters, or downspouts.
  3. A smooth, clean driveway will tell potential buyers that you have taken care in maintaining your home. Because most visitors will walk to your entrance via the driveway, its condition should be considered. It may be time to resurface cracked and broken cement or blacktop.
  4. Remove exterior clutter - sweep your sidewalks, clear your patio or deck of small items, and keep your garage door closed.
  5. The cosmetic appearance of your home's exterior should be at its best. A fresh coat of paint is an important investment. Whether it is the trim, front door, or wood siding, if it is pealing, repaint it. If you have vinyl or aluminum siding, have it cleaned. Replace worn door hardware and lighting fixtures if needed. Check windows - repair or remove torn screens.
  6. Make your home inviting. You should pay attention to the sensory details when your home is being shown. Play soft, soothing music; pull back curtains and drapes to make rooms bright and cheery; arrange fresh flowers or potted plants throughout the living areas; and use neutral colors whenever possible.
  7. The entry is where every visitor will be welcomed into your home. Its appearance will have a lasting impact on those who enter. Make sure this area is not cluttered and is well lit.
  8. Research shows the kitchen is one of the most important areas to potential buyers. The appearance is very important. Never show your home with dirty dishes in the sink. Clean you appliances so they sparkle. Your cabinets should be organized. Clear your countertops to make your work surfaces appear larger, and replace any surfaces that have been damaged.
  9. New shower curtains are a must when preparing your home for the market. This is an inexpensive way to tidy up the bathroom. Repair any damaged caulking and make sure all tile and grout are clean.
  10. Closets and storage spaces should be neat and well organized. Closets that are well organized will appear larger than those with clutter. Hardware and house ware stores have shelving and compartments that will maximize space usage.
  11. Remove all unnecessary tools and items from your garage, basement, or attic. This is also the time to clean the furnace and laundry areas.
  12. Have your carpets cleaned or consider replacing badly worn carpet. Always make sure the carpet has been vacuumed prior to a showing. Hardwood floors should be cleaned or waxed.

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